Juvenile Dermatomyositis—A Case Study

Ram B. Shukla, Krupa R. Joshi


Juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM) is an inflammatory myopathy and vasculopathy majorly targeting the children. The cause is idiopathic and of autoimmune dysfunction. In JDM, the immune system targets the blood vessels causing muscle weakness, inflammation and other complications. Here, we present a rare case of JDM of a 12-year-old girl child suffering from inflammation of the muscles, hard and sclerosed skin on thigh region, arthralgia and myalgia and a distinctive rash all over the body. The patient is given the treatment as per the vatarakta chikitsa as mentioned by Acharya Charak and has shown encouraging results after one week of treatment.

Keywords: Juvenile dermatomyositis, calcinosis cutis, inflammatory myopathy, vatarakta

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Ram B. Shukla, Krupa R. Joshi. Juvenile Dermatomyositis—A Case Study. Research and Reviews: A Journal of Ayurvedic Science, Yoga and Naturopathy. 2017; 4(2): 11–13p.


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