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Metabolomics: At a Glance

Chintan Patel, Jignesh Bhadani, Vivek Chavda, Moinuddin Soniwala, Sanjay Desai



Metabolomics is the branch of science which provides the comprehensive analysis of metabolites in a biological system which in turn is useful as a marker. Metabolomics analysis is useful for ascertaining human health conditions.It will provide an insight to cellular metabolism. Since the metabolome directly reflects physiological states, it can biochemically monitor disease states and assess drug actions, improving the preclinical to clinical translation and focusing on predictability, efficiency and improving productivity. The metabolite profile will be useful for early impact of drug in the body.Tissue extraction, sample preparation, data acquisition, and data mining are one of the keen points to be considered. This article is grafted with an aim to provide an overview of metabolomics to the reader.

Keywords: Omic science, metabolomics, drug discovery

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Chintan Patel, Jignesh Bhadani, Vivekchavdaet al.Metabolomics: At a Glance.Research & Reviews: A Journal of Drug Formulation, Development and Production. 2017; 4(1): 23–30p.


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