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Effectiveness of Abdominal Muscle Exercise in Improving Peak Expiratory Flow in Normal Individuals

Kshtrashal Singh


In health the human cardiopulmonary system has enormous reserve capacity to cope with the demands of exercise (or) illness. Expiration is usually normally a passive process with active muscle contraction being used during more forceful activities such as cough (or) sneezing. The abdominal muscles are the major muscle of the diaphragm. So it improves the efficiency of expiration. The objective is that the person with partial (or) complete weakness of abdominal muscles is unable to cough and produce forced expiration effectively which affects in clearing secretions from the lungs and sputum retention. So, abdominal strengthening exercises help to clear the secretions and sputum thereby, improving the lung compliance and general activities of the individuals.  Case study method on 15 samples of 15 to 30 years, were selected randomly through simple random sampling technique (lottery method). The   subject   shows a statically s significant   increase in   peak   expiratory flow following four time per day for 21 day   abdominal muscle exercise program the parameter influence the magnitude of the increase. study   it can  be   concluded  that   abdominal  muscles  exercise  are  beneficial  for the   improvement   of  forced  expiratory  capacity  in   normal   individual.



Peak flow rate, abdominal muscle exercise, expiratory flow rate

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