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Diseases among Sewage Workers

Gaurav Kohli, Manu Kohli, Vishali Galhotra


Urbanization has caused many health and environmental problems; to solve some of these problems, latrines and sewage systems were invented and are still being improved. This development has resulted in exposures of the sewage workers to the multitude of chemicals used in our homes and in the industries. With increasing demands on the sewage systems and new environmental regulations, the transportation and treatment of wastewater has increased in technical complexity. There are about 340,000 sewage workers in India. There is inappropriate use of safety measures and unhealthy environment of sewage workers. These unchanged conditions made them prone to develop health problems by virtue of their occupation. In spite of modern mechanization sewage workers come in the contact with pathogens in sewage and this exposure can occur in both way through wastewater contact or aerosol of disease producing organisms. Exposure to various disease producing agents leads to health hazards include exposure to harmful gases such as methane and hydrogen sulfide, cardiovascular degeneration, musculoskeletal disorders like osteoarthritis changes and Intervertebral disc herniation. This exposure may also results infections like hepatitis, leptospirosis and helicobacter, skin problems, respiratory system problems and altered pulmonary functions. Prevention is an essential component for the interruption of disease occurrence. Periodic education & adequate use of preventive measures can help to reduce morbidity and mortality of sewage workers. It is primary responsibility of Municipality or any other employer to conduct monthly health check up of sewage workers to diagnose and treat the disease at early stage and on other hand appropriate insistence on safety gears on work also required.

Keywords: Sewage, Sewage workers, health problems, diseases, occupation, waste water


Sewage, Sewage workers, health problems, diseases, occupation, waste water

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