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Treatment Planning Techniques in External Beam Photon Radiation Therapy

Michieka A.


Volumetric modulated radiation therapy (VMAT) is a modern treatment technique in radiation therapy, and it delivers conformal radiation dose to the tumor while minimizing dose to the normal tissues. The beam delivery is done in the form of one or multiple arcs, with gantry rotating around the treatment isocenter. A number of literature suggests that VMAT could be an attractive option to treat prostate cancer. However, there is no consensus about which treatment technique produces better dosimetric results. In this article, some of the factors which may influence the results of the studies are addressed. Furthermore, major dosimetric findings comparing different treatment planning techniques for prostate cancer in external beam photon radiation therapy are summarized.

Keywords: Treatment planning, VMAT, prostate cancer


Treatment planning; VMAT; Prostate cancer

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