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Current Aspects of Nanomedicine for Cancer

Markna J. H., Raval C. S., Shah N. A.


Nanotechnology is an advanced as well as budding branch of the science. It involves the studies of materials at the nano scale. It has demonstrated its enormous applications in almost every discipline like in biotechnology, medicines, electronics, etc. Among its nanotechnology, when applied to medical specialties than it is called nanomedicines. Nanomedicines are surprisingly effective in case of cancer. Nanomedicines provide better drug delivery as well as more efficacious against tumor cells and with the help of various nanoparticles better imaging of cancerous tissues can be possible. This article briefly describes the current as well as future trends of nanomedicines in the case of cancers. It also pronounces benefits of these advanced medicines over the traditional medicines.


Keywords: Nanotechnology, nanomedicines, cancer, nano particles, drug delivery


Nanotechnology, Nanomedicines, Cancer, Nano particles, Drug delivery

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