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Effectiveness of an Informational Booklet on Prevention of Cervical Cancer in Terms of Knowledge and Attitude of Female College Students

Sharma P., Kumari V., Bishnoi A.


Cancer of the uterine cervix is the leading cause of mortality and morbidity among women worldwide. An experimental study was undertaken with the objectives to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of an informational booklet on prevention of cervical cancer in terms of knowledge and attitude among female college students before and after the administration of informational booklet. The research design adopted for the study was one-group pre-test post-test design. The sample comprised of 150 female college students of M.M. Engineering College, Mullana which were selected by convenience sampling. A knowledge questionnaire was used to assess knowledge of female college students regarding prevention of cervical cancer and 5-point. Attitude scale to assess attitude of female college students regarding prevention of cervical cancer. Paired “t” test was used to find out the significance of difference in mean pretest and posttest knowledge and attitude score. The findings suggest that the mean post test knowledge score (25.9) was significantly higher than mean pre-test knowledge score (20.2) at p < 0.05. The subjects after exposure to the informational booklet gained a significantly higher attitude score (96.56 versus 68.11 at p < .05.) The study concluded that informational booklet was effective in enhancing knowledge as well as modifying the attitude of female college students on prevention of cervical cancer.

Keywords: Cervical cancer, informational booklet, knowledge and attitude


cervical cancer, knowledge, attitude

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