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Physiotherapy Service and Its Impact on the Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Patients

Bhatri pratim Dowarah


The study is based on the physiotherapy interventions in the breast cancer patients in North-east India based on the samples, population studied and treatment plans in Dr. B. Barooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati, Assam. The main objective of the study was to make the people of India especially north-east India to be aware regarding the breast cancer and promotion of importance and rules of physiotherapy treatment in the breast cancer rehabilitation process. The results suggest that the pressing need arises for the existence of a differentiated care system with the purpose to cater for the particular needs of the patients and their families. It is desirable that the physiotherapist working in oncology has a broad knowledge of other clinical areas, such as neurology, the musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary systems and in rehabilitation and kinesiotherapy in general, as well as in services along the entire spectrum of patient care. In conclusion, the author’s meta-analysis indicated that the addition of MLD to compression and exercise therapy for the treatment of lymphedema after axillary lymph-node dissection for breast cancer is unlikely to produce a significant reduction in the volume of the affected arm.

Keywords: Breast cancer, North-east India, role of physiotherapist, MLD




Breast cancer, North-east India, Role of physiotherapist, MLD

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