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Study of the Physiotherapy Services and Its Impact on the Quality of Life in Gynecological Cancer Patients: A Practice Pattern in Assam

Bhatri Pratim Dowarah


The Gynecologic Oncology offers a comprehensive program of clinical translational and basic research in gynecologic cancer, education and outstanding patient care. Gynecologic cancer is cancer originating in the female reproductive organs. It includes cancers of the uterus, ovaries, cervix, fallopian tubes, vulva and vagina. Gynecologic cancer may be treated by specialized surgical procedures, radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy. This research is examining the theoretical frameworks, current policy and guidance that inform and govern the processes of rehabilitation in cancer care in the Assam. Physiotherapists should usually be consulted at each stage of gynecological cancer treatment. Their intervention in the treatment process comes in two main forms. i.e. acute and non-acute. Physiotherapists are usually consulted at each stage of gynecological cancer treatment. There are a number of techniques used by physiotherapists to assist patients during acute and non-acute treatment and care.

Keywords: Gynecological cancer, acute, non-acute


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