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Primary Liver Lymphoma: A Case Report with Literature Review

Saroj Kumar Das, Tapan Kumar Sahoo, Saroj Kumar Das Majumdar, Manas R. Baisakh, Dillip Kumar Parida


Primary lymphoma of liver is an extranodal lymphoma of rare entity with poor prognosis. It constitutes about 0.01% of all non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas. The etiopathogenesis of the disease is poorly understood. Due to rarity of the disease misdiagnosis and mistreatment is very frequent. The primary hepatomas, metastatic lesions are common differential diagnosis in case of primary hepatic lymphoma. The treatment and its outcome are still unclear due to its rarity. Primary hepatic lymphoma is highly chemosensitive and sustained remission may result from early aggressive chemotherapy. Here, is presented a case of primary non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma originating in liver. A large number of case series or studies are necessary for a standard treatment guideline.

Keywords: Chemotherapy, liver, non-Hodgkins’ lymphoma, primary

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Das Saroj Kumar, Sahoo Tapan Kumar, Das Majumdar Saroj Kumar, et al. Primary liver lymphoma: A case report with literature review. Research and Reviews: Journal of Oncology and Hematology (RRJoOH). 2015; 4(2):     1–3p.


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