Preliminary Analytical Study of Parangipattai Rasayanam (PRM) – A Siddha Polyherbal Formulation

Vithyapathi Velmurugan, A Muthuvelu, K Manickavasakam


Parangipattai Rasayanam is a purely herbal product used commonly for the management of Vaatha diseases (anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity), skin diseases, etc. The Parangipattai Rasayanam is an orally administrable pharmaceutical drug which is a combination of 28 ingredients namely Parangipattai (Smilax china, Linn), Kodiveli (Plumbago zeylanica), Amukaraa (Withania somnifera, Linn), Milagu (Piper nigrum, Linn), Thipili (Piper longum, Linn), Omam (Carum capticum benth and Hook), Kurosaaniomam (Hyoscyamus niger, Linn), etc. Lack of standardization of polyherbal formulations creates difficulty in validating the efficacy and maintaining quality of the product. Hence, an attempt has been made to study Parangipattai Rasayanam by analyzing through qualitative analysis. The data evolved in the present study will help maintain the quality of the formulation.

Keywords: Parangipattai Rasayanam, qualitative analysis


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