Seasonal Changes and Human Health: A Unani Perspective

Malik Itrat, Arshad Jamal, Javed A. Khan, M. A. Siddiqui


Influence of seasonal variations on human health has been a subject of considerable interest in epidemiological studies and observed for centuries. The Unani scholars have given a vivid description about seasonal changes, diseases peculiar to each season and guidelines for maintaining health in a positive and individualized manner in different seasons under the heading of Tadabir-i-Mausam. In every season, air changes to a new temperament. The effect of the changing seasons is not due to the season itself, but to the quality which is changed along with them, for this exerts a marked effect upon the states of the body. As the seasonal changes produce their own characteristic diseases, it is necessary that people should be well acquainted with the prevailing environmental conditions and the necessary measures required to meets them.


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