Contraceptive Knowledge, Attitude and Practice among Newly Married Couples

Sherwani AMK, Shabnam Ansari, Itrat Malik


The objective of this study was to assess the knowledge, attitude regarding family planning and the practice of contraceptives among newly married couples attending NIUM hospital. This study was cross sectional and observational. Total 150 newly married women from the day of marriage to five-year span, visiting Screening Unit and Family Planning Unit attached with the OPD of Gynecology and Obstetrics of National Institute of Unani Medicine Hospital, Bangalore, were interviewed. Their knowledge, attitude and practice on contraceptives were evaluated with the help of a pretested and semi-structured questionnaire. Descriptive analysis was conducted to describe the results in percentages. Out of 150 interviewed couples, 31 (20.67%) women had low knowledge index level, 79 (52.67%) had medium knowledge index level, and 40 (26.67%) had high knowledge index level. The media provided information of contraceptives in 77 out of 150 women, while 55 women obtained the knowledge of contraceptives from family members/relatives. Regarding the usage of contraceptive methods, only 58 of the respondents were using some sort of contraception. Out of 58 contraceptive users, 17 were pill users, 23 Cu-T users, 16 condom users and two were using other methods. No one in this group practiced female sterilization. 92 couples had not ever practiced any method of contraception. Positive attitude towards contraception was shown by 122 (81.33%) women, while 28 (18.7%) women had an attitude of disapproval towards contraception. In the present study, there was a low contraceptive use among newly married women despite good knowledge. Motivation through media and family members can help to achieve positive attitude of newly married couples for effective use of contraceptives.

Keywords: Knowledge, practice, contraception, newly married couples



Knowledge; Practice; Contraception; Newly Married Couples

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