Impact of Obesity on Women’s Health and Its Management with Unani Herbal Medicine – A Review

Tabassum K, Mohammad Nasar K


Obesity is a term used to describe body weight that is much greater than what is considered healthy and is a serious health problem. It affects 32.2% of the global population mostly in high income groups. The adverse effects of obesity on women’s health is overwhelming and is related to polycystic ovary syndrome, diabetes and diabetes in turn puts women at dramatically increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and risk of several major cancers. Overweight and obesity are associated with elevated mortality from all causes in both men and women. Strategies involve general lifestyle modification which includes healthy diet, maintaining optimal weight, physical activity, etc. Non-pharmacological therapy like diet and exercise may not be helpful to reduce weight satisfactorily and it also has its own limitations. Unani herbal medicine plays an important role in the management of obesity. This review paper gives information on herbs and their mechanism of action for weight reduction.

Keywords: Anti-obesity herbs, life style disorder, morbidity-mortality and weight reduction.



Anti-obesity herbs, Life style disorder, Morbidity- Mortality and Weight reduction

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