Cosmetology through Unani Perception: A Literature Review

Humyra Tabasum, Tanzeel Ahmed


Cosmetology, defined as study and application of beauty treatment, has been in practice since antiquity. Natural products involved in cosmetic formulations are becoming popular among the population owing to their safety and effectiveness. The present review focuses on cosmeceutical preparations described in Unani literature regarding hair, skin and nails and is based on the literature from noted Unani texts, viz., Zakhira Sabit Ibn Qurrah, Kitab al Mansoori, Ghina Muna, Kamil Al Sana, Alqanoon Fil Tib and Zakhira Khawarzam Shahi. Boundless literature is available in these texts for beautifying treatment of hair, skin and nails by effective herbal and mineral-based formulations.

Keywords: Cosmeceuticals, Unani, Tadbeer e Zeenat, cosmetology.



Cosmeceuticals, Unani, Tadbeer e zeenat, Cosmetology.

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