A Critical Review on Concept of Aging in Unani Tib

Farkhunda Jabin


With better advances in the field of medicine, life expectancy has increased in India. It is expected to increase to 65 years in 2015, which means more burden on the existing health care system of the country. Unfortunately, in our country elderly care is hospital-based with little attention on community-based, day care center-based or home-based care. With rapidly changing scenario of aging population, we should find the right model for long-term health care. Unani Tib with its unique individualistic approach and easy remedies can provide complete cost-effective health care model for geriatric population. Unani Tib advocates maintenance and protection of health in old age which starts from young age through adopting measures which protect and maintain innate heat and moisture of the body. It is not a single procedure or method rather it is the diet, lifestyle and way of living which should be adopted throughout their life to achieve the goal of healthy and active aging and add life to years not only years to life.

Keywords: Biological concept aging, Biological concept, Unani Tib


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