Standardization and Quantitative Estimation of Chemical Constituents of Lipotab Unani Herbal Tablets

Shilpa A. Thombre, Vaishali P. Nagulwar, Vrushali K Pudke, Shrikrishna S. Muske


The Unani poly-herbal drug Lipotab tablet is therapeutically used for cardiac health. There are no standard procedures available for evaluation of the constituents present in any herbal products. Standardization and quality control of indigenous medicines will not only increase the benefit of the drugs but also translate into higher profits for the industry. In the present study, the constituents of Lipotab tablet, i.e., turmeric (Curcumin) and garlic (thiosulphinate allicin) has been evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively by spectroscopic and chromatographic (HPTLC) techniques. In Lipotab tablet, Curcumin was estimated 83% w/w and thiosulphinate allicin 60% w/w.

Keywords: Unani system, standardization of herbal tablet, Lipotab, HPTLC.


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