Efficacy of Taleeq (Leech Therapy) in the Management of Bawaseer (Haemorrhoid): A Case Series

Firdous A. Najar, Javed A. Khan, Masarat Fatima, Khesal Ahmad, Mohd Fasial


Taleeq (Leech therapy), one of the most important and widely practiced methods, is known from the time of extreme antiquity and is still practiced today. This fact testifies its efficacy in various health problems. Eminent Unani physicians like Razi, Majoosi, Zahrawi, Ibne Sina, have described and practiced the use of nonpoisonous (medicinal leeches) in joint diseases, chronic nonhealing ulcers and various skin disorder like eczema, psoriasis etc. Leech therapy is one of the most important and widely practiced methods of regimental therapy, used for local evacuation of morbid humour in Unani system of Medicine. Haemorrhoids are the varicosities of the haemorrhoidal veins. They usually result from increased venous pressure.  In Unani Medicine the treatment of Bawaseer are evacuation of morbid matter either by venesection (Fasd), Cupping (Hijamah), purgation (Mushil), toning up of liver and intestine. The other treatments are symptomatic such as; analgesic, haemostatic and healing drugs. The best treatment of haemorrhoids considered is leech application (Irsal-e-Alaq) on haemorrhoidal mass in case of plethora and Ehtebas-e-Dam. Inspite of the available drugs the haemorrhoid does not cure completely and to avoid surgery it is therefore, the need of the day to provide a safe and effective remedy for the haemorrhoids. The claim of efficacy of leach therapy in haemorrhoids is thus important and it was felt to go for a case study before taking up a regular trial.

Keywords: Taleeq, Unani system of medicine, Bawaseer, Haemorrhoids, Leech therapy

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Firdous A. Najar, Javed A. Khan, Masarat Fatima et al. Efficacy of Taleeq (Leech Therapy) in the Management of Bawaseer (Haemorr-hoid): A Case Series. Research and Reviews: A Journal of Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. 2016; 3(1): 5–8p.


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