Ayurvedic Management of Multiple Sclerosis with Polyherbal Formulation: A Case Study

Nishant Shukla



Multiple sclerosis is chronic progressive degeneration of myelin sheath of nerve cells due to autoimmune pathology; having no medicine in modern science. This condition is comparable with Sarvang Vata due to occlusion of Prana by Udan; Ama (unmetabolished substrates) is responsible for such occlusion. A patient from Morbi near Rajkot, India aged about 24 years was treated with herbal and herbomineral ayurvedic medicines—Ashwagandha, Yastimadhu, Vata Vidhvansha, Agnitundi, etc., and has shown marked improvement in clinical signs and symptoms. MRI reports showed a decline in lesion and reduction in size of some lesions which is very good recovery within a period of six months.

Keywords: multiple sclerosis, Avarana, Pranavruta Udana, Ama, free radicals


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