Microemulsion: Novel Carrier for Drug Delivery

Dhaval Shah, Vivek Chavda, Kaushik Domadiya, Sandip Maru, Maunit Mehta



Since the discovery of much novel formulation belongs to the lipid based drug delivery system, the handicapped property of drug molecule reverted to the fittest, doable and easily delivered with strategies of improving bioavailability and depleting dose of the same. Microemulsion system is clear, stable, isotropic mixture of oil, water and Smix (Surfactant and co-surfactant mixture), frequently in combination with a co-solvents. To date microemulsions have been shown to be able to protect labile drug, control drug release, increase drug solubility, increase bioavailability and reduce patient variability. The term microemulsions was discovered by H. Shulman, but now a day’s microemulsion is diverted to a different class based on the composition of the involved excipients. Here, much focus is given to the basic property and pioneer of microemulsion formation. Although there has been huge progress in this delivery system, one should consequence the basic property of any system for the flourishing development of the stable formulation. Theory and thermodynamics, factor influencing the microemulsion and preparation methods are very identical topics to be understood. Microemulsion has combined advantages of surfactant, amphiphiles, co-solvents and solubilizing oil structure. This system owes low interfacial tension, large interfacial area, thermodynamic stability and the ability to solubilise otherwise immiscible liquids; uses and applications of microemulsions have been numerous. Microemulsions are readily distinguished from normal emulsions by means of transparency, low viscosity and more fundamental basics. The advanced and conventional methods for their characterization are also important for the vindication design of the microemulsion. Here, we have also discussed the patented product related to this system.

Keywords: Microemulsions, Smix, theory of thermodynamic, factor affecting, characterization

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Dhaval Shah, Vivek Chavda, Kaushik Domadiya, et al. Microemulsion: Novel Carrier for Drug Delivery. Trends in Drug Delivery. 2016; 3(1): 1–18p.


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