Intrapocket Drug Delivery System: A Spatial Tool for Periodontitis

Jain J., Srinivasan G.


Periodontitis is a disease attributable to multiple infectious agents. It results from extension of the inflammatory process initiated in the gingiva to the supporting periodontal tissues. Periodontal pockets provide natural reservoir bathed by gingival crevicular fluid that is easily accessible for the insertion of a delivery device. Intra-pocket, sustained release systems have emerged as a novel paradigm for the future research. Controlled release delivery of antimicrobials is a therapeutic intervention directly into periodontal pockets and is available in various forms like gels, monolithic devices, irrigation systems, chips, films, strips, microspheres, fibers, etc. It is an effective monotherapy that has evoked a great interest and appears to hold a sound promising result in periodontal treatment these local agents bypass the adverse effects of systemically administered antimicrobial agents, as well stabilize the attachment apparatus and reduce the probing depth thereby allowing better control and management of periodontal disease.

Keywords: gingivitis, periodontitis, local drug delivery, periodontal pocket


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