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Prevalence of Genetic Predisposition in Patients of Diabetes Mellitus Type-2

Mohammad Zulkifle, Abdul Haseeb Ansari, Mohammad Sajid


Diabetes Mellitus Type-2 (DM-2) is a metabolic disease of dreaded consequences. Its prevalence is rising day by day in almost all countries, more so in developing countries. Faulty dietary habits, sedentary lifestyle, and stressors of day to day life are considered as important risk factors for the DM-2. Beside this genetic background also plays an important role towards the susceptibility of diabetes mellitus. In present study 166 diagnosed patients of DM-2 were interviewed for the history of genetic background. In this context family history of DM-2, obesity and consanguinity was enquired. Besides these, other risk factors were also enquired. Consanguinity was found in 24% patients, family history of obesity was found in 14% and family history of DM-2 was found in 47.6% of the patients. In the study it was observed that maternal influence in inheritance of DM-2 and its risk factors was more than other relations. In 75% of the patients of DM-2; genetic predisposition was found to be positive. The present study was conducted in hospital of NIUM, Bangalore.


Diabetes Mellitus Type-2, genetic predisposition, consanguinity, obesity

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