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“Role of Shringyadi Churna on Tamak shwasa with special reference to Bronchial asthma”

Shalinee Kumari, Dharmendra Mishra


Introduction: Disease Tamak shwas mentioned in Ayurvedic texts has resemblance with Bronchial asthma i.e. a chronic inflammatory disease of airways characterized by increased responsiveness of the tracheobronchial tree to a multiplicity of stimuli. The Tamak Shwasa evolves due to vitiation of vata (Pran vayu) & Kapha dosha when sited in Pitta Sthan (lower part of stomach). The pathogenesis starts with mandagni and thus the Ama ras produced which induces the origin of Tamak shwas.

Material and Method: We have randomly selected 30 patients from OPD and used the Shringyadi Churna mentioned in Chakradatta by Chakrapani, with anupan of Vrihad Panchmool, Guduchi and Vasa Kwatha to measure its role in the management of Tamak Shwasa. Assessment criteria’s were peak expiratory flow Rate (PEFR) and breath holding time (BHT) as objective criteria and symptoms Shwasa Krichhta, Ghurghurkum Shabda, kasa, Pinasa, Kasten shleshma Muncheta, Anidra, Urahshool, Ghur – Ghurak shabda as normal, mild, moderate and sever by grading them like 0,1,2,3 respectively as subjective criteria.

Result and Discussion: In case of objective parameters by statistical analysis we found good improvement, nearly 33% in breath holding (BHT), 22%in respiratory rate (RR) and nearly 26 % improvement in peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) as well as in subjective parameters like Shwaskrichhata (65.625%), Kashten Shleshma Moksha (70%), Ghurghurakam Shabda (70%), Kasa (70%), Anidra (49%), Peenasa (63%), Urahshoola (65%) decrease.

Conclusion: Thus the study showed the role of Shringyadi churna in Tamak shwas (Bronchial asthma) with statistically highly significant results (with p value <0.0001).

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Shalinee Kumari, Dharmendra Mishra. Role of Shringyadi Churna on Tamak shwasa with special reference to Bronchial asthma. Journal of AYUSH: Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. 2016, 5(2):1-6p.



Tamak Shwasa, Shwaskrichhata, Kasa, Urahshoola, Bronchial asthma.

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