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Appraisal Essay on Sacred Clip: Brahma Muhurtha

Dr. Kashinath Samagandi, Dr. Jagriti Sharma Samagandi


Life of an individual depends on adaptation and surrendering. Aachaara labathe ayu indicates that adapting to wholesome adds up to the wellness, and giving up of unwholesome perturbs the health. Preservation of an individual’s health depends on the acceptability of the principles elaborated in Ayurveda. Swasthavritta is an integral part and parcel of Ayurveda which primly emphasizes on Dinacharya, Ritucharya and Sadvritta Palana. Implementation of these principles helps in prevention, preservation and promotion of positive health. Time is an essential factor which gives the required scope to practice all the principles of Dinacharya. “Early to bed and early to rise” is a proverb which advocates regulation of day-to-day activities in a methodical manner. Early waking up is described in classics as Brahma Muhurtha. This enables an individual to get sufficient time to practice the entire Dinacharya regimen without hindrances and omission. It is also considered as the best time to gain knowledge. Exact time specification and scientific justification of Brahma Muhurtha is a matter of concern in the present era. Here an attempt is made to focus on this specific aspect.



Brahma Muhurtha, Swasthavritta, Dinacharya, dawn, twilight

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