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Need of Standardization of Habb: A Unani Medicine

Osama Akhtar, Seema Rani, Shariq Shamsi


Habb (pill) is a solid dosage form for oral administration of drugs in the human body. The present challenge for Unani scholars is to validate the claims made in the classical texts by applying scientific methodologies on this important dosage form. These claims need to be validated and the drugs need to be standardized on more precise scientific parameters. In order to have a good coordination between the quality of raw materials, in process materials and the final products, it has become essential to develop reliable, specific and sensitive quality control methods using a combination of classical and modern instrumental method of analysis. The steps in standardization of dosage form habb are authentication, physicochemical, chromatographic and microbiological analysis. Due to lack of quality control measures, people are unable to utilize the benefits of the traditional systems of medicine. A scientific awareness and scenario creation to undertake the research activities such as standardization of dosage form and to develop the scientific methods for the manufacture of quality medicines must be an important step in this direction. For the process standardization, four variables which affects the quality of the huboob were taken into consideration i.e., binder, particle size, time of drying and temperature of drying. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) of the pills should be developed on the basis of four different variables namely particle size, binder, temperature of drying, and duration of drying. It may be concluded that the developed SOPs of two formulations may be taken as standards for future reference and pills can be prepared accordingly. The physicochemical standards evaluated can be used as the standard parameters for future studies as reference.

Keywords: Unani medicine, standardization, authentication, documentation

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Akhtar O, Rani S, Shamsi S. Need of Standardization of Habb: A Unani Medicine. Journal of AYUSH: Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. 2017; 6(2): 37–44p.


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