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Evaluation of Effect of Rasayana Ghana Tablet (An Ayurvedic Formulation) in Management of Akala jara (Premature Ageing)

Yogesh Shamrao Deole, A B Thakar, H M Chandola, B Ravishankar


In the present era of stress, when lifestyle disorders are on the rise, premature ageing is also one of the most prevalent disorders. Ayurvedic Rasayana (rejuvenator) drugs can provide solution for this. The present study was aimed to evaluate the efficacy of Rasayana Ghana tablet (RGT) in management of premature ageing. In this placebo-controlled randomized prospective clinical study, Rasayana Ghana tablet based upon the classical combination of Gokshura (Tribulus terestris Linn.), Aamalaki (Embelica officinalis Gaertn.) and Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia Miers.) was administered as trial drug with vehicle of ghee and honey. A total 108 patients of premature ageing fulfilling the criteria of inclusion as per ageing scale were selected and randomly divided into two groups. Group RGT (n = 56) was treated with Rasayana Ghana tablets. Two tablets (500 mg each) were given two times a day with the vehicle of ghee and honey for two months. In Placebo Group (PG) (n = 52), placebo tablets were administered in the same dose and for the same duration. Ageing scale based on gradations of classical ageing signs was utilized for assessment of results. The results were statistically analyzed by applying Chi square test and Wilcoxon’s signed rank test. RGT showed statistically significant improvement on (P < 0.001) of most of the ageing signs as compared to placebo. It can be concluded that RGT is effective in the management of premature ageing.



Rasayana Ghana tablet, Akala jara, premature ageing, guduchi, aamalaki, gokshura

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