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Pharmaceutico-analytical Study of Navasadara Satva

Raghuveer ., Santosh B., Nageswara Rao V., Dindore P. P.


Navasadara (Ammonium Chloride; NH4Cl) is one of the rasadravyas included under sadharana rasa varga. Navasadara satvapatana is one of the potent formulations explained in the text Rasatarangini. Navasadara satva possesses the properties like deepana, kapha nissaraka, ruchya, and indicated in amlapitta, hrudaya dourbalya, murcha, puppusashotha, etc. In general, satvapatana means extraction of metallic portion from ore. But here satvapatana process is mentioned for mineral like navasadara. So present study has been undertaken to extract satva from navasadara as per the reference and subjected to standard analytical parameters to observe organoleptic characters and elements of navasadara satva. Study revealed presence of ammonia, sodium, chloride, calcium, silica, etc., in satva. Final product also found as NH4Cl, but changes were observed in organoleptic characters.


Keywords: Krimi, extraction of krimi, destruction of source and development, krimighna


Navasadara, satvapatana, khatika, analytical parameters, XRD, ICP-AES, ammonium chloride

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