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Study on the Effect of Rohitaka Sharapunkha Churna and Kunjal Kriya on Mukhadushik

kanchan chowdhury, N.S Chundawat


The present clinical trial was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of Kunjal Kriya and Rohitaka Sharapunkha Churna in the management of Mukhadushika (Acne Vulgaris). The subjects were randomly divided into three groups. A total 30 patients were selected for the study and all the patients completed the study. The efficacy was determined by finding out the difference between the base line data of parameters with the after treatment data. The effects were examined on the chief complaints as well as the associated complaints. It was observed that statistically significant improvement was noticed in clinical parameters of all the three groups. Patients undergoing Shodhana (Kunjal Kriya) and shamana kriya (Rohitaka Sharapunkha Churna) had better relief as compared to the other two groups. Rohitaka Sharapunkha Churna also showed encouraging results in managing the all symptoms. But both medicine and Kunjal Kriya did not show any significant changes in haematological and hormonal values. Hence, it can be concluded that Kunjal Kriya accompanied with internal medicine (Rohitaka Sharapunkha Churna) yields pronounced improvement in Mukhadushika.

Keywords: Kunjal kriya, Mukhadushika, Acne Vulgaris, Shodhana Kriya etc.


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