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Standardization of Unani Poly-herbal Formulation Habb-e-Rasaut

Kunal Sajwan, Sonali Sajwan, Mahesh Chandra, Anas Iqbal Alvi, S. M. Asim


Lack of standardized herbal medicines as OTC products is a major setback in the popular acceptance of these products. Standardization and quality control of indigenous medicines will not only increase the benefits of the drugs but also translate into higher profits for industry. Present study has been carried out to ascertain the quality of the ingredients used in the formulation through pharmacognostic, physicochemical and TLC studies which may serve as tool for standardization of herbal products.

Keywords: pharmacognostical, unani compound formulation, physicochemical, TLC fingerprinting


pharmacognostical, unani compound formulation, physicochemical, TLC fingerprinting

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