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Standardization of Calcium-based Unani Formulation: Kushta Kharmohra

Mohd. Tariq, Shahid Shah Chaudhary, Roohi Zaman, Khaleequr Rahman, Shaikh Imtiyaz


Kushta Kharmohra is a herbo-mineral formulation used since ancient times in traditional system of medicine as well as folklore for the treatment of various ailments. At present, there is very little selective information available about its quality-control parameters. It is crucial to scientifically evaluate kushta kharmohra for delineation of their place in health care so as to validate the criteria for its worldwide usage. In the present work, an attempt has been made to prepare kushta Kharmohra by purifying it as per classical literature and then subjected to calcination procedure. Three batches of kushta kharmohra were prepared and were physic-chemically assessed for both traditional as well as on recent standardization procedures. The results indicated that the prepared kushta kharmohra fulfilled the required criteria of standard kushta kharmohra. Hence, the quality control parameters of kushta kharmohra were established which may be considered as standard for future reference.


Keywords: Cowrie, kharmohra, kushta, Unani



Cowrie, kharmohra, kushta, Unani

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