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Review of Computer Vision Syndrome in the Perspective of Ayurveda

Amitabha Mapdar, Kashinath Samagandi, Kamalesh Kumar Sharma


Ayurveda, being a primeval anticipatory and remedial discipline, throws a ray of light in modulating our body and managing the most of the ailments, even the diseases of modern civilization like computer vision syndrome (CVS), hypertension, diabetes mellitus chikungunya, etc. It is very complex to get the direct reference regarding the most of the diseases of modern evolution. Brihitraya’s (ancient pioneers of Ayurveda) quotes that management of all of the ailments is possible if we wisely appreciate the dosha dushya sammurchana in the particular condition. Present competitive lifestyle in the pursuit of wealth, directly relays up on the lots of gadgets starting from the cell phone to computer. These gadgets support by accomplishing the task in minimal time and without any physical movements but in the meantime people are becoming victims of diseases like CVS. So, here an attempt is made to postulate the vyadhi samprapthi (patho-physiology) through Ayurveda fundamentals. This logically postulated samprapthi may help clinician to tackle the disease in healthy manner by applying the regimen of dinacharya.

Keywords: Ayurveda, computer vision syndrome, dinacharya, lifestyle, samprapthi



Ayurveda, computer vision syndrome, dinacharya, lifestyle, samprapthi

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