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Assessment of Different Quality Control Parameters of Marketed Brands of Habbe Kabid Naushadari: A Classical Unani Formulation

Shahid Shah Chaudhary, Mohd Tariq, Roohi Zaman, Shaikh Imtiyaz


Habbe Kabid Naushadari is one of the most famous classical Unani formulation that is commonly practiced by Unani physicians in day-to-day practice as a stomachic and liver tonic. In the present study, two different brands of Habbe Kabid Naushadari available in the market, were evaluated and compared with the standard monograph mentioned by CCRUM. Various physicochemical parameters such as pH, alcohol-soluble extractive, water-soluble extractive, total ash, acid-insoluble ash, water-soluble ash and specific physical tests for pills such as uniformity of weight, diameter, hardness, friability, disintegration time were done. The present investigation reveals that both the formulations have different physicochemical values in comparison to the standard. Some values widely deviate from the standard values. Huge weight variation was found in pills of same batch. Therefore, regulatory bodies and the government should implement strict policies to regulate and monitor the manufacture and marketing of Unani formulation.

Keywords: Habb, Habbe Kabid Naushadari, quality control, Unani



Habb, Habbe Kabid Naushadari, quality control, Unani

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