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Concept of Ranjak Pitta wsr to Erythropoiesis Biochemistry

Mahendra Prasad Prajapati, Dr. O. P. Dadhich, Dr. Mahendra Singh Meena


Pitta performs different digestive and metabolic activity in body. Ranjak is a one type of pitta, main role is “to color” from non color part. Ras dhatu convert in rakta dhatu with the help of ranjaka pitta and raktagni. Initially start from embryonic level to old age liver, spleen and amashay are the major sites for it. It can be compared with Vit B12, folic acid, Vit -B6, intrinsic factor, iron, ALA, erythropoietin, DHFR and protoporphyrinogen etc. are required for the formation of blood.


Ranjaka pitta, liver, Vit B12, Rakta, Raktagni

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