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Adaptogenic action of different dosages forms of Guduchi with special reference to learning and memory

Shilpa Govind Patil, Anshuman Trigunayat, Anand Kumar Chaudhary


Background-The effect of three dosages forms of Guduchi (Satva 125mg/kg,Ghana,50mg/kg,Churna200mg/kg) are compared with control and Piracetam (500mg/kg) treated experimental animals  in morris water maze test and passive avoidance test. Aim- To evaluate the nootropic effect of three dosages forms of Guduchi. Material and methods-  Guduchi Satva, Ghana and Churna was prepared following the classical methods, for experimental study animals were divided into five groups of six animals each, comprising of both male and female in each group as Group A, B, C,D and E who received CMC, piracetam, Satva, Ghana and Churna respectively. Statistical Analysis - One-way ANOVA test followed by post hoc Tucky & Kramer multiple comparison test using graph pad prism 6. Was used for statistical analysis Results - Piracetam, Guduchi satva and Ghana significantly reversed spatial loss of learning and memory in morris water maze test and significantly reversed the deficit of spatial learning and memory by increase in step through latency in passive avoidance test. Conclusion- This suggests the nootropic effect of Guduchi satva and Ghana as same as that of the piracetam.

Key Words Guduchi,Tinospora cordifolia, adaptogen, nootropic ,dosage forms

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Patil SG, Trigunayat A, Chaudhary AK. Adaptogenic Action of Different Dosage Forms of Guduchi with Special Reference to Learning and Memory. Journal of AYUSH: Ayurveda, Yoga,Unani ,Siddha and Homeopathy. 2015; 4(1): 24–29p


Guduchi,Tinospora cordifolia, adaptogen, nootropic ,dosage forms

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