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Role of Vethathiri Maharishi’s Kaya Kalpa Technique and Simplified Physical Exercise (Maharasana) in the Management of Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus-A Pilot Trial

V.M Rajasekaran, K. Perumal


Kayakalpa Yoga is the rejuvenating technique which was discovered by our ancient Indian siddhars and lost during the course of time. This was once again brought back by our swamiji in an easily understandable way. KAYA - BODY AND KALPA - IMMORTAL. Vethathiri maharishi a qualified physician of indigenous medicine has developed kayakalpa yoga is a complete science which integrates physics, biology, physiology, philosophy, genetics and yoga. This philosophy of kayakalpa yoga delineates the manner in which the human being can be enhanced by proper integration of physical body, mind, bio-magnetism ,life force ,sexual vital fluid. Swamiji vethathiri maharishi founded the simplified kundalini yoga for the benefit of humanity, and he recommended the kaya kalpa technique and simplified physical exercises (Maharasana) for better health. Diabetes will create an additional financial and social burden on the public health sector. Literature reviews revealed that exercises help to reduce the blood sugar level and high blood pressure. Maharasana is a simplified physical exercise given by our vethathiri maharishi for tonning up the whole body and to strengthen our mind. Hence, yogic exercises may be useful to combat various diseases. The purpose and aim of this study were to assess and reduce the signs and symptoms of type II diabetes i.e., BP, and HbA1C, blood glucose levels, among diabetic patients through a 12 week VETHATHIRI MAHARISHI`S kaya kalpa technique and simplified physical exercises (maharasana) program. The findings conclude that this vethathiri maharishi yoga program could potentially be a reduction option for hyperglycemia on type 2 diabetes patients and many patients reported a feeling of well being, more relaxed and satisfied, and a sense of relief from anxiety.


Keywords: kayakalpa yoga, body, life force, Bio-magnetism, sexual vital fluid, mind, Type-2 diabetic mellitus, Maharasana


Kayakalpa Yoga, Body, Life Force ,Bio Magnetism, Sexual Vital Fluid, Mind, Type-2 Diabetic Mellitus, Maharasana

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