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Role of Shalishastic Pind Swedan and Sarpagandhaghan Vati in Hypertension-a pilot study

Savesh Kumar Singh, Kshipra Rajoria


Hypertension has become a public health problem worldwide. This is the most prevalent cause for cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disorders, causing high rate of mortality and morbidity. In this disease,Vata is playing a prime role. Other Doshas are also accompanied with this Dosha. For Vata Vyadhi,Mridu Snehan, Mridu Swedan and Mridu Virechan is the treatment as indicated in ancient classical text of Ayurveda. These can be done simultaneously with Shalishastic Pinda Swedan. Sarpagandhaghan Vati is commonly used in Ayurveda for the treatment of hypertension. In this study, the selected patients of hypertension were randomly placed in three groups of 15 patients in each group. In group A, Shalishastic Pinda Swedan was administered for 30 days. In group B,Sarpagandhaghan Vati (500 mg) was orally administered both time in a day for 30days and in group C combined regime of Shalishastic Pinda Swedan and Sarpagandhaghan Vati were administered for 30days. In all the groups, significant results were found. It was found that treatment with Shalishastic Pinda Swedan was more effective than oral Sarpagandhaghan Vati treatment. Combined treatment with Shalishastic Pinda Swedan and Sarpagandhaghan Vati was most effective in all the signs and symptoms. This was due to their synergistic effect. These therapies can be used in every patients of hypertension without any side effect.

Keywords: Hypertension, Dosha, SarpagandhaghaghanVati, Shalishastic Pind Swedan.


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