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Yoga and Society: Yoga for the People Afflicted with Addiction and Yoga for the Practice of Christian Meditation

Rev. Fr. Joseph H. Pereira, Dr. Dennyson Pereira, Krishna Iyer


Adaptation of Iyengar Yoga in the treatment of people afflicted with addiction has shown remarkable improvement in the physical, psychological, and spiritual health of the individual leading to a whole person recovery through reaching a cellular consciousness. The special use of Iyengar’s restorative yoga sequence helps the patient to gain his/her physical equilibrium and reach a state of homeostasis. The study undertaken by Kripa Foundation measures the effectiveness of Iyengar yoga on patients undergoing rehabilitation program for substance use disorder at Kripa Foundation. An all male adult group of 60 participants undergoing a treatment program for substance use disorder was randomly stratified into an experimental group (sample size = 30, underwent Iyengar restorative yoga sequence), and control group (sample size = 30, did not undergo yoga module), where recordings were made ‘pre’ and ‘post’ test with both the groups over a period of 8 weeks. The experimental group showed statistically significant improvement in the biophysical variables of cardio-respiration function, musculo-skeletal elasticity, and reduction of externalized locus of Control (P value 0.5 at 95% Confidence Limits). Depression scores were slightly improved. Iyengar restorative yoga sequence brought about an early benefit in biophysical parameters and addiction related thinking (Locus of Control).


Yoga, addiction, substance use disorder, spirituality, restorative, asanas

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