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Physiological Study of Asthivaha Srotas w.s.r. Efficacy of Vatari Rasa in Sandhigata Vata (Osteoarthritis)

Chhaju Ram Yadav, Vinay Bhardwaj


Sandhigata vata is the disease of asthivaha srotas. Asthivaha srota has been described by Acharya Charak in 13 types of srotasas. Sandhigata vata is vata-vitiated disease of old age, the single most cause of locomotor disability and major challenge to health care. Pain, swelling-like symptoms of sandhigata vata can be correlated with osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the chronic degenerative disease in the fifth to sixth decade of life which affects mainly the weight-bearing joints of both sexes. Vatari rasa has been used in vatarogas in Rasendra Sara Sangraha. A clinical trial on 40 patients was done to evaluate the efficacy of vatari rasa in sandhigata vata. After clinical trial all data were obtained and evaluated and a conclusion was drawn that the drug has highly significant result in sandhigata vata (osteoarthritis).



Sandhigata vata, osteoarthritis, locomotor disability, asthivaha srotas, vatari rasa

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