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Medicinal Value of Traditionally Used “Paththiya Kari” in Postnatal Period (After Delivery) in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka

M.U.Z.N Farzana, I.Al Tharique


Sri Lanka has a long history of traditional health practices. Traditional health remedies are especially aimed to uplift the health profile of women. This indigenous traditional knowledge has been transmitted verbally for centuries. It is being wiped out from the society due to the advent of modern technology and transformation of traditional culture. This paper aims to document the existing system of traditional knowledge and utility pattern of medicinal plants related to postnatal care. There are many time-tested practices those suit the health problems of postnatal women. “Paththiya Kari” is an effective curry commonly used after delivery in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka. This Kari contains nettali meen (sprat) or sura meen (shark), milaku (pepper), asamodagam (carom seeds), venthayam (fenu greek), vengayam (onion), manchal thool (turmeric powder), poondu (garlic), kottamalli (coriander), curry veppailai (curry leaves) and uppu (salt). This information was collected from 12 elderly women who were over 65 years of age and they have experience of using this “Paththiya Kari” throughout generations with traditional medical knowledge from various rural area of Eastern province. So there is a need to document this precious knowledge to validate its therapeutic as well as medicinal values scientifically.


Keywords: traditional knowledge, Pathya Kari, women’s health

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