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Role of Virechana Karma in Dyslipidemia: A Clinical Study

Pooja B.A., Santosh Kumar Bhatted, Meera K. Bhojani


Dyslipidemia one among the life style disorder due to the today’s faulty life style mainly includes food habits, minimum physical exercise, stress, anxiety and depression is. Impact of incidence and prevalence shows every 1% increase in cholesterol level there is 1-2% increase in the incidence of Coronary Heart Disease. Lipids can be correlated to that of Medo Dhatu in Ayurveda texts. According to the scattered references Dyslipidemia can be correlated to Medo Dosha and subsequently as Medoroga. The Chikitsa mainly includes Samshodhana Chikitsa(Bio cleansing),where as in modern statins are first choice of drug. Looking into the adverse reactions and the limitations in the modern medication clinical trial was carried out in 30 patients having Dyslipidaemia. Classical Virechana Karma was administered and the effect of treatment on the complete lipid profile was assessed after the treatment and after the follow up. Total duration of the study was 90 days. Statistical analysis showed highly significant result in the lipid profile.

Keywords: Dyslipidemia, Lipid profile, Virechana Karma

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Pooja B.A, Santoshkumar Bhatted, Meera K.Bhojani, Role  of Virechana Karma  in Dyslipidemia-A clinical study, Journal of AYUSH. 2015; 4(2):   9–13p.


Dyslipidemia, Lipid profile, Virechana Karma

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