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A View over Saama Majja Dhatu and Its Effects on Body

Kumar Anil, Saini Neera, Byadgi P. S


The body tissues which support the body are known as dhatu. These are also called dushya because they get vitiated by tridosha-vata, pitta, kapha and ama. Dhatus are seven in number as rasa, rakta, mansa, meda, asthi, majja, and shukra. When these dhatus remain in their non-vitiated state, participate in the formation of various structures in body, on the other hand in vitiated state by ama causes various type of disorders in living body. Ama is a pathological entity which can vitiate dosha, dhatu and mala which are basic physical parts of body. Ama is the outcome of improper digestion. Incomplete or partial digestion of food leads to ama formation. As all dhatus get their nutrition from the proper digested food, due to hypo functioning of agni improperly digested food causes production of ama. On the other hand saama is a condition manifesting due to the amalgamation of ama with dosha and dushya resulting into the manifestation of various kinds of disorders. Out of all seven dhatus majja dhatu plays a very important role because majja dhatu has the special properties to form blood cells. Majja dhatu provides strength to the body fills asthi dhatu (bones) and produces sukra dhatu (sperm formation). When ama amalgamates with majja dhatu, all these functions get hampered due to which a lot of disorders originate in body.

Keywords: Dhatu, Majja, Ama, Saama

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Kumar Anil, Saini Neera, Byadgi P.S. A View over Saama Majja Dhatu and Its Effects on Body. Research & Reviews: Journal of AYUSH. 2015; 4(1): 21–23p.


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