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Ayurvedic Approach in the Management of Emergency

Dr.Kamal Kumar, Dr. Shalinee Shalinee, Dr. Dharmendra Mishra, Dr.Arvind k. gupta, Dr.Asit k. Panja, Dr.Nisha Gupta


The main aim of the treatment is to relieve from diseases. Various systems of medicine developed due to different patterns of approach for management of diseases. Ayurveda is eternal. On the account of principles, all systems of medicine have their bases in Ayurveda. Therefore, there is no need of comparison among them. Besides this, various advanced methods used in other including modern medical science may be incorporated in Ayurveda with due consideration of its fundamentals. There are various conditions, which are fatal, and life threatening. In these conditions, specific treatment should be planned out. At present, this treatment is called as emergency management. It is not true to say that Ayurvedic texts are not having description of emergency management. Ancient Acharyas have used various terms like Sadyah [1] Ashu [2], Twarita [3] in emergency conditions where quick management is needed. It is the right place to mention the reference of Sushruta Samhita in which Acharya has prescribed to use specific methods in emergency conditions.


Principles, Ayurveda, emergency management

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