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Role of Jala Neti (Yogic Nasal Cleansing) in the Management of Pratishyaya vis-a-vis Allergic Rhinitis

Dr.Mangalagowri Venkatesh Rao, Prof. S. K. Tiwari, Dr. Rajesh Kumar


One of the ancient diseases Pratishyaya can be correlated with allergic rhinitis based on clinical features. Allergic rhinitis is the most common chronic condition, with an estimated prevalence of 5%–22%, in the United States. It increases from infancy, peaks in childhood and adolescence, and decreases in the elderly. The incidence is increasing due to the increased environmental pollution which is an unavoidable factor. The best way to tackle it is by enhancing the internal healing power by means of a healthy diet and change in life style. Yoga is one of the ideal ways to prevent and cure pratishyaya and it also has a positive side effect, i. e., stress relieving effect, by which one can also prevent many dreaded diseases like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, etc. Allergic rhinitis is caused by allergens which are usually harmless but cause allergic reactions in people who are allergic. The removal of these allergens by means of nadishuddhi and enhancing of immunity or strengthening the body by means of constant practice of asana, pranayama, and dhyana help in prevention and cure of Pratishyaya.


Pratishyaya, yogic practices, jala neti

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