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Ayurvedic Approach in Management of Dyslipidemia: A Case Study

Sarvesh Kumar Singh, Kshipra Rajoria, Preeti Swami


Dyslipidemia is a condition which is associated with several morbid manifestations. Purpose of this study was to treat dyslipidemia with Vaitaranaabasti and Ayurvedic oral medicine. Here we present a case that was successfully treated with Ayurvedic management. A 42 year old female, suffering from dyslipidemia since 1 year, was treated on the line of management of Medovriddhi. Vaitaranabasti in the dose of 400 ml/day for 16 days along with some Ayurvedic oral medicines such as Triphalaguggulu 500 mg twice in a day, Dashmoolkwath 40 ml twice in a day, Panchakolachurna 3 g twice in a day, and Triphalachurna 5 g once in night. Good improvement in lipid profile was found, Hb%, TLC were improved. Lightness in the body, relief in fatigue and bilateral knee joint pain was also reported. This study demonstrates that hyperlipidemia may be treated with Ayurvedic management.

Keywords: Ayurvedic management, dyslipidemia, Medovriddhi, Vaitaranabasti

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Sarvesh Kumar Singh, Kshipra Rajoria, Preeti Swami. Ayurvedic Approach in Management of Dyslipidemia-A Case Study. Journal of AYUSH: Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. 2015; 4(3): 33–36p.



Ayurvedic management, Dyslipidemia, Medovriddhi, Vaitaran basti

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