Understanding and Interpreting the Concept of Pratishyaya and Its Management

Shamsa Fiaz


Pratishyaya is an important disease of Nasa Roga, which considerably attracted the ancient physicians which is quite evident from the detail description available in all the ancient Samhitas. Pratishyaya in the initial phases is a curable disease but if neglected and improperly treated it may become chronic causing complications like; Badhirya, Andhatva, Shopha etc. The disease Pratishyaya can be correlated to Rhinitis in modern science. Even though it appears to be a simple disease it is not understood and interpreted properly in the light of modern science which is a great drawback for diagnosis and treatment. Hence an attempt has been made towards understanding and interpreting the concept of Pratishyaya and its correlation with Rhinitis which may be an eye opener and also an appreciation towards the knowledge of our ancient seers. The importance as well as the magnitude of this problem is also best realized from the voluminous work being carried out in many of the research laboratories in the world.

Keywords: Pratishyaya, Nasa Roga, Badhirya, Andhatva, Shopha, Rhinitis

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Shamsa Fiaz, Understanding and Interpreting the Concept of Pratishyaya and Its Management, Research and Reviews: A Journal of Ayurvedic Science, Yoga and Naturoapthy. 2016; 3(1): 17–23p.


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