Scope of Clinical Practice of ENT Disorders in Ayurveda

Shamsa Fiaz


Shalakya tantra is one among ashtanga ayurveda, dealing with the study of diseases occurring above the jatru, which includes shiras, karna, nasa, netra and mukha and their management. Shalakya tantra mainly deals with the preservation and restoration of the health of indriyas. In modern science; ear, nose and throat are studied collectively in the specialized field called otolaryngology or upper respiratory tract diseases which is colloquially known as ENT. The monotonous mechanical life style, faulty food habits, restless schedule, stress, overpopulation, overcrowding of vehicles leading to sound and air pollution, junk food habits, etc. are causing hazardous effect on sense organs. Our ayurvedic system of medicine enunciates more of preventive measures, which are lacking in contemporary science. Identifying the nidana and avoiding it, forms the key role in preventing most of the ENT disorders. Hence, it is highly essential to identity and treat the common ENT disorders seen in clinical practice with ayurvedic measures.

Keywords: Shalakya tantra, indriyas, otolaryngology, sense organs, ayurveda, ENT disorders

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