Emergency Medicine: Ayurveda has the Solution

Shweta Dewan, Vikash Kumar, Baldev Kumar


Background: Ayurveda, the science of life is competent enough to deal with emergency medicine. The common notion in present scenario about inefficiency of Ayurveda in tackling emergency is defied by the AYUSH practitioners who are successfully running their clinics in the field and establishing the epitome of Ayurveda as timeless system of medicine.

Materials and Methods: The classics where the concerned subject has been opined was collected, compiled and thoroughly analysed. There are many examples opined in the classics directly where the seers have emphasized the importance of emergency treatment saving the lives of the patient concerned. The impact of contemporary system of medicine in this stream is much higher due to adoption of newer technologies, machines and non-invasive techniques but admonishing Ayurveda health system in this perspective is a straight prejudice based monopoly by the system and it certainly has to be banish by the textual references and practical approach by people of Ayurveda fraternity. The concept of vikara vighat bhavaabhava ~(co-relation of etiological factors, body humors and tissues), updrava ~(complications of a disease), categorical description of diseases as mridu and daruna, sadhyovrana ~(ulcers and wounds), bhagna ~(fractures), antra vidradi ~(abscess), agni dagda ~(burns), sarpavisha dansh ~(snake bite) are mere such examples clearly indicating the emergency situations and the management towards them.

Conclusion: The scientific principles of handling emergency in classical compendium were the researches done ages ago by the seers. The current advances in exertions of ayurveda globalization demands the need of scientific evidence as per international norms. The new strategies planned by the Government to promote ayurveda should be directed in this light so that the world can also see the hidden credentials of this science.

Keywords: Emergency, ayurveda, medicine, vikara, bhava

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Shweta Dewan, Vikash Kumar, Baldev Kumar. Emergency Medicine: Ayurveda has the Solution. Research and Reviews: A Journal of Ayurvedic Science, Yoga and Naturopathy. 2017; 4(1): 1–3p.


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