Utility and Applicability of Paramaanuvada in Ayurveda: A Review

Madhumita Panigrahi, Mahesh Vyas, Kabi Prasad Mohanty


Indian medicine is a scientific discipline and it had been developed by the ancient ages based on their intense clinical observations and subsequent testing. For its proper application and understanding, various philosophical notions have been taken by the sage physicians as they form the fundamental constituents. When we go through the subject dealt in Ayurveda treatises, we find the influence of various Asthika philosophies in it. According to the Vaisheshika thinkers, all objects of the universe are composed of atoms of earth, water, air and fire. Hence, the view of the Vaisheshika concerning creation is called Atomism or Paramanuvada. Atomism postulates the cycle of creation and destruction of the non-eternal or temporary substances of the universe. The explanation of Paramanuvada in Vaisheshika is mainly for the clarification of the Srushti Utpatti. But the explanation of Charakacharya is based on the Chikista point of view. Here the movement of Paramanu mainly depends on Vayu, Karma and Swabhava. In this current attempt, a portrayal of concept of Paramaanuvada, as given in Vaisheshika Darshana has been made and attempted to search and enlighten the subjects where Paramaanuvada is applied and can be applicable in Ayurveda.


Keywords: Vaisheshika Darshana, Paramaanuvada, Ayurveda

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Madhumita Panigrahi, Mahesh Vyas, Kabi Prasad Mohanty. Utility and Applicability of Paramaanuvada in Ayurveda: A Review. Research and Reviews: A Journal of Ayurvedic Science, Yoga and Naturopathy. 2017; 4(1): 38–44p.

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