Kshir as Hetu and Apathya with Special Reference to Sushrut Samhita and Kashyapa Samhita

Rakesh Shukla, Ankur Sinha, Ajit Verma


No doubt, Acharya Charak has described different applications of milk very thoroughly, but Sushruta Samhita – a surgery-based text also holds a great value of medicinal principles in the curative aspects of diseases which also must be acknowledged. In practice, it is observed that milk is the only diet for infants up to at least six months. It is considered as the best diet in Udara and other Vyadhis/conditions. But, it must be remembered that all Dravyas have some beneficial and some harmful effects. Kashyapa Samhita has mentioned properties and uses of Kshira very descriptively. There are many references in the texts, where milk is considered as a Hetu for certain diseases or conditions. In this modern age, nobody thinks of consuming Pathyakara diet. Consuming the Apathyakara Ahara is stated to cause many diseases or conditions. Milk is one such Ahara. Though it is considered as Jati Satmya, Amruta, etc., but Ayukti-Purvaka use may even harm individuals.

Keywords: Milk, Hetu, Apathya

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