A Novel Approach in the Management of Amlapitta (Gastritis) through Odana Kalpana – A Clinical Study

SHWETA DEWAN, Susantha P Molligoda


Amlapitta is a very common disease in the present era. It is a very troublesome disease and can give rise to many serious problems if not treated in time. Signs and symptoms of Amlapitta are very similar to gastritis or hyper acidity. According to conventional medical science, the most common causes of gastritis are Helicobacter pylori infections and prolonged use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). The incidence of gastritis in India is approximately 3 in 869, i.e., about 12,25,614 people suffering from gastritis out of the total 1,06,50,70,607 population. The objective of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of Odana Kalpana in Amlapitta and to find out a cost-effective remedy for Amlapitta. The study was conducted in 30 clinically diagnosed patients of Amlapitta, with an objective of clinical evaluation of efficacy of Odana Kalpana (Orzya Sativa) and Virecana Yoga (Operculina turpethum). These patients were randomly allocated into two groups of 15 patients each. Patients of group A were recommended Odana Kalpana 50 g as the Mantha preparation with water twice a day for one month after 3 days of Shodhana Karma (bio-purification). Patients of group B were given only Odana Kalpana 50 g as Mantha preparation with water twice a day for one month. It was observed that the patients of Amlapitta of group A treated with Odana Kalpana and Virecana Yoga showed maximum percentage of improvement, i.e., 53.20% whereas it was 42.01% in patients of group B. No side effects were noted in any of the patients during the trial period. Odana Kalpana is effective in the management of Amlapitta and also it is cost-effective. Bio-purification or purgation helped further to enhance the drug efficacy.

Keywords: Odana Kalpana, Mantha, Virecana, Amlapitta

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